Redefining Beauty in Produce

Redefining Beauty in Produce – “It’s what’s on the Inside that Counts”
We live in a society obsessed with outer appearance. It didn’t consciously occur to me about how much we obsess and apply aesthetic standards to even our fruits and vegetables, and little did I know of the negative consequences that were happening in our world as a result of it.
I loved the founding story of Imperfect Produce. Reading how the founders were able to find a solution to target specific problems in our world with this incredible business idea was truly inspiring. By simply seeing the potentials in “ugly foods” that were getting rejected by supermarket standards, they were able to take the first step to making a difference. Now the “reject” pile of perfectly edible fruits and vegetables that normally would have gone to waste everyday can be used to feed the hungry. Hooray to getting one step closer to eliminating world hunger. And the “reject” pile that would have normally been dumped in a landfill to decay away and create methane – a greenhouse gas that harms our environment can be prevented more or less. Another hooray to showing more love for our environment.
It’s a bit scary to know how I had been an indirect contributor to those negative effects by simply being a consumer wanting perfect looking produce. By making a conscious choice of being less critical about the outer appearance and learning to appreciate the unique traits in these fruits and vegetables, I hope I can make a small, but positive impact towards the right direction.
Sharing this post in hopes of bringing us one step closer to a world where we appreciate all fruits and vegetables regardless of their differences and what society might deem as “ugly” appearances.
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